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Dear Chocolatier,

Thank you for writing or doing art for me!

I have very broad tastes and optional details are optional. But I have written a letter with more details and optional prompts in case you like that sort of thing. If you come up with a better idea that doesn't hit my DNWs, go for it!

General likes:
Gen: AUs of all types (coffeeshop, high school, in SPAAAAACE, anything!), crossovers/fusions, fluff, angst, darkfic.

Smut: BDSM, dubcon/noncon, mind control, brainwashing.

Art: I am open to all styles and ratings. If you want to experiment with something new, even if it's not a technique you've had much chance to explore before, I'd love that--I will appreciate whatever you do. I like pencil, pen and ink, digital photorealism, cartoons--hell, xkcd has proven that you can do brilliant work with stick figures. Bring it on!

I apologize for art prompts being briefer than writing prompts--I love art, I just don't know how to prompt for it well, and I don't want to restrict you!

DNWs: floods, gender dysphoria, cruelty to cute animals. (Squishing spiders is fine.)

If you need an emergency fandom and are open to shifter paranormal romance, I recommend Fire and Rescue Shifters by Zoe Chant, which is available as Amazon ebooks. You only need the first one, Firefighter Dragon, to do my requested pairing, and it's fast and funny.

Requests: Captive Prince, Fire and Rescue Shifters, Vorkosigan Saga, Yuri!!! on Ice

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