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Dear Writer or Artist:

Thank you for writing or arting for me!

If you already have an idea, great! If not, I have some notes on general likes and some prompts if you find that kind of thing helpful. As long as you don't hit my DNWs, you can do what you want and I'll be sure to enjoy it! It's more important to me that you have fun writing/arting something you feel inspired to do than that you strictly follow a prompt. If you see ways to mix and match prompts, go for it--if I like it for one fandom/character, I will like it for the others.

Note, I am equally interested in all the fandoms/prompts--I just am more articulate about some than others.

General likes, writing: any kind of AU or fusion (I mean it--canon-divergence? soulmates? in SPAAAAACE? high school? coffeeshop? the sky's the limit), fic that plays the canon completely straight, loyalty kink, darkfic, fluff, humor, crackfic, unusual formats (epistolary, second person, IF), moral dilemmas, adventures/casefic, worldbuilding (feel free to use requested characters minimally if you go this route--I would legit be thrilled with military documents about the logistics of the Crab armies and how undead soldiers need less food that only tangentially mention Kisada and Yori). I am completely open to crossovers between any requested fandoms. None of my requests are romance relationships, but you are completely welcome to include romances/smut about any of the characters if you are so inspired.

Smut-wise, I like BDSM, psychological power plays, and power dynamics, but I also like fairly vanilla sex as well. If you want to a/b/o any of these fandoms, I like that, but please don't feel obliged.

General likes, art: I like a range of styles! Anime/manga-inspired, Art Nouveau, cartoon, more realistic styles. Simple character portraits are always fine, and I enjoy both black & white or limited-color as well as full-color art. I also love Tarot art so you could go in that direction. Whether you want to play the canon straight or take a more humorous/AU approach (in SPAAAAACE is always safe, as are steampunk or cyberpunk interpretations of characters!), I'm right there with you! I'm a also fanartist so if you want to include preliminary sketches, I love seeing how works are developed. Just saying!

Any rating is fine for both writing or art.

DNWs: harm to cute animals (you're fine to kill monsters or spiders), gender dysphoria, floods.

Requests: The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett, Dragonlance, Legend of the Five Rings, The Good Place (TV)

The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett
- Sigrud je Harkvaldsson
I am fascinated by Sigrud's past and his relationship with his family, especially Signe. Fandom-specific note: I know Dreylings are casual about nudity, so that's fine (I wasn't bothered by that scene in City of Blades), but please no out-and-out Sigrud/Signe incest. I also love Sigrud's partnership with Shara. I don't personally see that as having sexual overtones, but if you can make a case for it, I'll certainly be interested! Casefic or an adventure involving Sigrud could be a lot of fun as well. Sigrud's bluntness and all-too-human loyalty are what I love about the character.

For art, Sigrud against the backdrop of the sea could be really great. Sigrud sneaking around the City of Stairs. Alternately, maybe a more nostalgic picture of him with his family before all the tragedy that came to them.

- Turyin Mulaghesh
Anything from Turyin's troubled war criminal past (you are welcome to go as dark as you want with that) to a more lighthearted scene about her love of beefcake or a policy debate with Shara. She's one of my favorite women military characters in recent fantasy, the more so because she doesn't glorify war even though she's good at it.

For art, I'd love to see Turyin in uniform, or something steampunky that shows off the arm that Signe designed for her. Turyin as Voortya's avatar would also be interesting.

- Kitiara Uth-Matar
Kitiara is one of my favorites from the series! I'm most interested in her as a fierce, ambitious, passionate swordswoman/general, and I also have a soft spot for her respectful relationship with the dragon Skie. There are so many directions you could go. Writing-wise, Kitiara toying with any of her lovers, or planning a campaign, or adventures from her youth. If you wanted to go AU and give her a happier ending than the one she got (turning the tables somehow on Lord Soth?), I'd be thrilled.

For art, I'd be thrilled to see her in full armor, or consulting with her dragon--maybe scouting dragonback?--or enjoying a sybaritic night to herself, or with one of her lovers (take your pick, or make one up!).

Legend of the Five Rings
Art-wise, alternate Personality cards with humorous (or serious--your choice!) flavor text could be a fun option for all of these.

- Relationship: Hida Kisada & Hida O-Ushi
We don't really get much interaction (if any?) between O-Ushi and her father. Arguably Kisada was disastrous for the Clan, while O-Ushi was one of the more successful Crab Champions. What did she learn from him as a samurai-ko? What was she like as a girl? What was Kisada like as a father? (Dear kami, one wonders...) L5R can get pretty grim at times, especially with the Crab and the Shadowlands, so feel free to explore that as well--it's the reality of life on the Wall.

For art, a family portrait showing Kisada and O-Ushi (rest of family optional--one wonders about Kisada's wife!). Kisada teaching O-Ushi how to use a tetsubo?

- Relationship: Hida Kisada & Kuni Yori
Kisada and Kuni Yori were so disastrous for Rokugan, and I'm fascinated by the dynamic between the two of them, and how they must have fed on each other's ambitions. You could also go the mordant humor route with them. There's plenty of room for gallows humor with the Crab! AU in which Kisada never finds any form of redemption, or in which they both do, could be very interesting. This is also one for which IN SPAAAAACE! would be a natural.

For art, Kisada and Yori and the undead (well, considering that Kuni Yori went that route...). You could make this as gruesome or as humorous as you wanted. Otherwise, Kisada and Yori bargaining with dark powers, or plotting in the darkness.

- Bayushi Kachiko (Legend of the Five Rings)
Possibilities: Kachiko as seductress, as someone who's trying to find redemption for her terrible misjudgments. Or more exploration of how she felt when Bayushi Shoju turned up undead, or her reaction to her son's fate. Kachiko has plenty of backstory in canon, so anything you wanted to explore would be fine by me.

Art-wise, I love the thought of Kachiko dressed to kill, or kimono-shopping. If you were feeling especially adventurous, a sf or cyberpunk Kachiko variant could be very cool.

The Good Place (TV)
- Relationship: Eleanor Shellstrop/Tahani Al-Jamil/Chidi Anagonye
I know this is never going to happen in S2, but if you felt like writing this, I would be thrilled. I love the thought of these three deeply imperfect people finding happiness with each other and striving toward something better--maybe even foiling Michael along the way. You could make this as fluffy or meta or thinky as you wanted. For hilarity, what would a three-way wedding between these three look like? Or the engagement ceremony? Or if you just wanted to write domestic curtainfic, I am so down for that too.

- Janet (The Good Place)
Janet's one of my favorite characters for her quirky not-quite-humanness--and yet she is very definitely a sentient being with feelings of her own. Anything you write about Janet being Janet (Good or Bad) will delight me. I about lost it when she kept producing cacti--what will the next evolution of Janet be like?

Art-wise, I would be happy with either Good Janet or Bad Janet. Cacti! PG-rated trying to figure out how sex works with Jason! (I mean, you could also go explicit and I have no objection, but I think their weirdly PG inability to suss out sex was hilarious.) The sky's the limit.
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