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Art Fever

Dear Art Fever Artist,

Thank you for arting for me!

I like art in a variety of styles--Art Nouveau, pencil sketches, pen and ink, watercolor, photorealism, cartoons. Whatever you choose to make will make me happy, and optional details are optional. I've listed some prompts in case you find that sort of thing useful, but if you have an even better idea, please feel free to let the Muse take you where she wants to.

General likes include simple portraits, humorous moments, Tarot-style art. I am also fond of cats and foxes so gratuitous cute interaction with cats or foxes is always okay. I'm fond of fancy outfits and uniforms and characters dressing up to the nines, too.

For pairings, a kiss or simple moment like handholding or eating together is always safe. I'm fine with any level of explicitness and do like smut if you are so inclined, however. :) Characters getting dressed/undressed and blowjobs are nice too.

DNWs: floods, harm to cute animals, excessive gore/body fluids.

Requests: Arrow, Original Work, Planescape: Torment, Yuri!!! on Ice

Malcolm Merlyn
Malcolm either in full-on League of Assassins garb, dressed up in a business suit, striking a pose as Dark Archer, contemplating a photograph of his family in happier times.

Thea Queen
I can't decide whether I like long-haired Thea or short-haired Thea better! Thea dancing, or practicing martial arts, or kicking back with a drink to watch the sunset.

Malcolm Merlyn & Thea Queen
So I have to admit that I love the completely messed-up dynamic between Malcolm and his daughter, but I also sometimes wish for softer father-daughter bonding, so you could go either way with this. Maybe the two of them going out for ice cream (even Malcolm has to like ice cream, right?...right?), or sparring, or bow-shopping together. (I realize Malcolm probably gets his expensively handcrafted for him, but indulge me.)

John Diggle & Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak
Team Arrow! The three of them hanging out in the Arrow Cave, maybe with some Big Belly Burger takeout. Or dressed up for some social event, or getting ready for a mission.

Malcolm Merlyn/Oliver Queen
Arrow vs. Dark Arrow hatesex would be a natural--BDSM especially. Sex or kissing up against a wall in some dark alley or in a fancy business office or just plain posturing at each other.

Original Work
Female Paladin, Male Paladin
You could go so many different directions with this--a traditional Dungeons & Dragons style paladin, or something more unusual, like the paladin of an abstract concept or maybe even some kind of science fantasy paladin. I adore elaborate armor--whether historical from whatever time/place (even the future), or feel free to roll your own.

Female Soldier, Male Soldier
I will own that I adore fancy uniforms--epaulets, braid, the whole nine yards--but if you opt for something more practical, that works too! Perhaps weapons practice (gun? sword? something else?), or coming across a cute critter (cat, fox, friendly alien creature), or manning an outpost while Something Threatening looms.

Male Soldier/Male Soldier
I am about the dirtybadwrong of fraternization here, especially if there's a marked difference in rank. Blowjobs while in uniform, or maybe a hurt/comfort moment out in the field, or cuddling for warmth on a snowy night.

I adore starship art and am especially attracted to angular shapes, but more organic shapes could also be interesting. Whether you want to go for a starship battle or something more peaceful, I'm right there!

Ringed Planet
You can't go wrong with this one! I used to be obsessed with Astronomy Picture of the Day and looking at NASA photoshoots, but please don't feel obliged to use a photorealistic style. An anthropomorphic ringed planet could be fun if you're in the mood.

Planescape: Torment
Deionarra left such a strong impression on me in this case. Maybe a portrait of what she looked like in life and she was happier (presumably before the Nameless One betrayed her!). Or you could go with the ghostly form that we see in the game.

Something emphasizing Fall-From-Grace's nature as a cleric, or else Grace holding court (so to speak) in the Brothel of Intellectual Delights, or maybe a scene from her past that emphasizes her succubus nature.

The Lady of Pain
The Lady wandering through the streets of Sigil, or sending someone to a maze, or maybe not a picture of the Lady herself but of an effigy of her.

Yuri!!! on Ice
Victor Nikiforov
I love Victor's fancy skating outfits and his fancy skating routines, but I'd be equally happy to see him shopping or enjoying his favorite foods (katsudon???) or out for a walk by the sea looking at the gulls or relaxing with his dog.