Sep. 11th, 2017

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Dear Writer or Artist,

Thank you for writing or arting for me! All my requests are for both fic or art. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I have some prompts and thoughts here in case you find that sort of thing helpful. If you already have an idea, that's great! So long as you don't hit one of my DNWs, I will be delighted to see your imagination at work.

I'm equally interested in Tricks or Treats, or in fanworks that don't adhere to the Halloween theme--whatever you're happy with. If you do want to go Halloweeny, I love costumes/masquerades, and I love trick or treating fluff or ghost stories.

General likes, writing: fusions or AUs (in SPAAAAACE, coffeeshop, high school, a/b/o dynamics, canon divergence, daemons), or crossovers between any requested fandoms. Loyalty kink, darkfic, fucked up relationships, fluff, humor, crack, smut, angst, unusual formats (epistolary, IF, 2nd person, etc. all fine--the sky's the limit), moral dilemmas. Obviously I don't expect all of these in one fic, but I have pretty broad reading tastes.

Smut-wise, I like BDSM, psychological power plays, and power dynamics, but I also like fairly vanilla stuff and quiet romantic moments too.

General likes, art: I like a range of styles! Manga style, Art Nouveau, cartoons, photorealism, black & white or monochrome with a splash of color, lineart, brush & ink. I love simple character portraits as well as interesting uses of perspective. Tarot, steampunk, or IN SPAAAAACE! interpretations of characters always welcome. Also, if you're into that kind of thing, I love seeing process sketches and in-progress pics or notes.

Any rating is fine for fic; any smut rating is fine for art. (For violence, see below.)

Special request, fic or art, if you are so inclined: I love cats! You have my blanket permission to include gratuitous cute cats no matter how out of character or incongruous it is.

DNWs: underage sex (aging up is fine), harm to cute animals (you're fine to kill monsters or spiders), gender dysphoria, floods, and specifically for art I really can't handle extreme gore or body fluids, but cartoon or stylized violence is fine--basically, anything you'd see on a superhero show I can handle, horror splatter movies not so much.

Requests: Code Geass, Vorkosigan Saga, DC Animated Universe, Marvel 616, Original Work, Voltron: Legendary Defender

I would be equally thrilled with any of these, whatever the format!

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