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Dear Writer or Artist,

Thank you for writing or arting for me! All my requests are for both fic or art. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I have some prompts and thoughts here in case you find that sort of thing helpful. If you already have an idea, that's great! So long as you don't hit one of my DNWs, I will be delighted to see your imagination at work.

I'm equally interested in Tricks or Treats, or in fanworks that don't adhere to the Halloween theme--whatever you're happy with. If you do want to go Halloweeny, I love costumes/masquerades, and I love trick or treating fluff or ghost stories.

General likes, writing: fusions or AUs (in SPAAAAACE, coffeeshop, high school, a/b/o dynamics, canon divergence, daemons), or crossovers between any requested fandoms. Loyalty kink, darkfic, fucked up relationships, fluff, humor, crack, smut, angst, unusual formats (epistolary, IF, 2nd person, etc. all fine--the sky's the limit), moral dilemmas. Obviously I don't expect all of these in one fic, but I have pretty broad reading tastes.

Smut-wise, I like BDSM, psychological power plays, and power dynamics, but I also like fairly vanilla stuff and quiet romantic moments too.

General likes, art: I like a range of styles! Manga style, Art Nouveau, cartoons, photorealism, black & white or monochrome with a splash of color, lineart, brush & ink. I love simple character portraits as well as interesting uses of perspective. Tarot, steampunk, or IN SPAAAAACE! interpretations of characters always welcome. Also, if you're into that kind of thing, I love seeing process sketches and in-progress pics or notes.

Any rating is fine for fic; any smut rating is fine for art. (For violence, see below.)

Special request, fic or art, if you are so inclined: I love cats! You have my blanket permission to include gratuitous cute cats no matter how out of character or incongruous it is.

DNWs: underage sex (aging up is fine), harm to cute animals (you're fine to kill monsters or spiders), gender dysphoria, floods, and specifically for art I really can't handle extreme gore or body fluids, but cartoon or stylized violence is fine--basically, anything you'd see on a superhero show I can handle, horror splatter movies not so much.

Requests: Code Geass, Vorkosigan Saga, DC Animated Universe, Marvel 616, Original Work, Voltron: Legendary Defender

I would be equally thrilled with any of these, whatever the format!

Code Geass
Euphemia li Britannia
Lelouch Lamperouge | Lelouch vi Britannia

Euphemia is one of my favorite characters in the show for her compassion and humor. I ship her with Kururugi Suzaku but it's up to you whether you want to go there. I also have a soft spot for her close relationship with Cornelia; if you want to incest-ship them that's fine too.

I like Lelouch because he's a twisty messed up magnificent bastard, but I am under no illusions that he's a nice person. I ship him with Suzaku (I am vast, I contain multitudes) but I'm also interested in his relationship with Nunnally as well as his chessmastery maneuvers.

Fic: I realize Halloween is not a Japanese holiday but high school hijinks with a candy exchange or silly costumes could be a lot of fun. Euphemia and Lelouch playing chess. Canon divergence AU in which Euphemia gets a happy ending.

Art: I adore fancy costumes and clothing so character portraits with clothing porn would be right up my alley if you want to focus on a single figure. Otherwise: Euphemia in a garden, or at a picnic. Lelouch or Euphemia playing chess (against each other? someone else?). Lelouch in a battle-damaged mech, or having dinner with Nunnally. Maybe a cartoon where one of them is playing a prank, or the victim of a prank? Euphemia definitely seemed to have a sense of humor when she was "undercover" meeting Suzaku for the first time! While Lelouch tends to be the butt of jokes around school, heh.

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Aral Vorkosigan
Aral Vorkosigan's First Wife
Ges Vorrutyer

I requested these three because I'm interested in the tangled relationships between them, but I'd be happy with any combination of them, or any single one of them! I would be completely happy to see you go as dark as you wanted with this fandom, if dark is a thing you want to do.

For Aral, I'm most interested in his wilder early history, before he meets Cordelia. That being said, I actually really like Cordelia and Jole, so if you have a shipfic idea involving one or the both of them, go for it! I just restricted my requests because otherwise this letter would get ridiculous long. Also as a note, I really like the hints of Aral as a dormant artist, if that's something you want to go with.

Canon does not give us a whole lot about Aral's first wife. I'm so curious about her--if there was ever a point where her relationship with Aral wasn't a hot mess, what her adolescence with Ges was like, what her perspective on things was. Canon-divergence AU in which she survives and gets a happier ending could also be interesting.

Ges is in here because he's half of the dirtybadwrong Aral/Ges pairing and I ship them like mad. I would be fascinated by an AU in which he pulls back from the long ugly slide into debauchery and, well, evil, but I know he's a villain and if you're more comfortable writing him as canon presents him, or exploring how he got involved with Serg Vorbarra, that's cool too!

Other fic prompts: Vorkosiverse a/b/o. Winterfair and dancing. A Vor masquerade party. Life drawing (nude or not, your choice!).

Art prompts: Portraits with clothing porn and House colors are always a safe bet. Masquerade or cross-dressing could be fun too. If you're feeling meta, sketches that purport to be Aral's sketches of other characters (or a self-portrait?). I would be thrilled if you stuck a spaceship in the background for Aral or Ges, if you're so inclined.

DC Animated Universe
Terry McGinnis
Melanie Walker
Maxine Gibson

I adore Batman Beyond and its visual style so much! (Although if you're an artist, I'd be perfectly happy to see the character designs reinterpreted in a different style too.)

I would be happy to see these characters in any combination, or any single one of them.

For Terry, I wouldn't mind seeing more of his relationship with his family, especially his little brother. Maybe a trick or treating run? I also enjoy seeing him in action as a Batman! I enjoy Terry and Melanie's friendship, but would prefer not to see infidelity--if you want to ship them, just have Dana quietly faded out. I actually do like Dana too even though she didn't get a lot of development in the show so Terry/Dana would also be fine.

Melanie: What I loved about Melanie was her redemption arc and her sense of honor, and I'm curious to see where that goes, and what kinds of things she does after she leaves her parents behind. Or you could explore her unhappy family life before she left.

Max: Max is so fun! I would enjoy seeing her get an adventure of her own. Or maybe just chillaxing playing video games? I bet she's killer at video games. Crack in which she hacks into something big, or a visit to ComicCon.

Fic: Trick or treating time, or a Halloween party at school! Mini casefic dealing with the Jokerz? Maybe a dinner with Bruce--actually, I can imagine that people coming to trick or treat at his mansion would be hilarious.

Art: Some of the prompts would also work for art. Specifically for art, though, I think "playing card" versions of these characters could be really interesting; we're already halfway there with Melanie anyway! It could be fun to see them swap costumes. Dystopia/mirrorverse "villain" versions of them could be interesting (I guess Melanie is already there--maybe the evil version of her as an adult?).

Marvel 616
Emma Frost
Jean Grey
Scott Summers

I have to level with you and say the bulk of my familiarity with these three characters comes from the cartoon plus New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men. If you want to use specific background from a particular arc, that's totally fine, just let me know so I can look it up.

I love all three of these characters and I usually don't go for love triangles! I ship Scott/Jean. I ship Scott/Emma. I ship Scott/Emma/Jean even though I suspect this would be really hard to pull off (but if you want to write it, please do!!). Ditto Emma/Jean. What I'm saying here is, if you want to mix and match characters, you can't go wrong. A tragic ending is okay--I mean, hell, even I know that Jean has this kind of upsetting tendency to die again. :p

If you're not into exploring that triangular mess (I say this with affection), casefic or fluff would also be swell. Other X-Men that I enjoy include Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Rogue, Beast, Wolverine, and Gambit, if you feel like randomly teaming people up. (Not an exhaustive list, but face it, there are A LOT of characters in this 'verse...)

Emma Frost: I enjoy Emma's mixture of vulnerability and hauteur, and the fact that for all her faults she is genuinely in love with Scott. I also like her penchant for snark and her protectiveness toward her students, including the Stepford Cuckoos.

Jean Grey: She's Phoenix! Or Dark Phoenix! What's not to like? Her romance with Scott is just epic, and the fact that she's so powerful and potentially dangerous is also explosive and interesting. If you want to explore the Scott-Jean-Wolverine triangle that is also a-okay.

Scott Summers: I have a ridiculous soft spot for this guy, maybe because of his chessmasteriness mixed with emotional repression and codependency issues. If you want to go full-on angstbucket, bring it on!

Fic prompts: So there's this bit on Astonishing X-Men Vol. 2 where Emma Frost psionically "costumes" herself and/or Scott. And Jean's psychic too! The mindfuck shenanigans that followed were truly a thing of flory. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. Alternately, training the younger generation of X-Men, or ghosts (seriously, I think you could get so much mileage out of ghosts what with Jean's deaths).

Art prompts: I love the costumes! You can't go wrong by doing portraits/pinups with the costumes. But I also like seeing each of these characters in humbler everyday wear doing everyday things. I love depictions of them using their powers--the elemental imagery for Emma and Jean especially. Or you could do the thing where you actually show Scott's eyes, which I never get tired of. If you want to do something sillier, I have this vision of any of these characters in a super clichéd Halloween costume, like "black cat" or "vampire."

Original Work
Ghost cat

Cat! Kitty kitty kitty! I am owned by a cat so anything you do here about the adventures of a little ghost kitty would be great. Please make this a happy story or fic.

Fic prompts: A ghost cat and her witch? A ghost cat looking for a new place to call home? A ghost cat and her new friends? A ghost cat on Halloween? Or, what sorts of tricks could a ghost cat get up to? (Ghost hairballs?)

Art prompts: A ghost cat curled up by the fire. A ghost cat out for a walk in a peaceful graveyard. A ghost cat cuddled up with her witch. A ghost cat in a box.

Voltron: Legendary Defender
Note: I just got into this but at the rate I'm tearing through it, I fully expect to have watched everything extant by the end of the week (it's September 17, 2017 as I type this and I'm at 2x07, will update with confirmation when I've watched everything available). So do not worry about spoiling me! Honestly, this show is so great.

ETA: It's now September 18 and I'm three episodes away from being current. I should be caught up tomorrow evening. Honestly, at this point you can bring in whatever other additional characters make you happy. I love them all.

ETA #2: It's September 19 and I'm caught up, and will be watching S4 as it comes out. Also, if we matched on something that is not VLD, please don't fear! I love the other fandoms that I requested too and will be genuinely happy no matter which one you make a fanwork for. :3

Requested characters: Pidge, Shiro

I also enjoy Allura, Lance, and Keith especially.

I don't ship either character at the moment but if you have a ship (aged up for any underage characters, please, and I'll be fine!) please be my guest!

Pidge: I love her intelligence and the fact that she is the brains of the Voltron team. Not only that, she can hold her own in a physical fight--not in a brute strength sense, but more of a rogue/dexterity fighter style.

Shiro: I love that he's a serious character with leadership qualities but who also has a sense of humor and a dark, angsty past (edit: Kuron project and Shiro going dark?? leadership clashes with Keith??). You have my blanket permission to go as dark and/or angsty as you want with him (so long as you don't hit a DNW).

Fic prompts: Contact with cute aliens, including cute alien cats? An impromptu Halloween party, or the Altean version thereof?

Art prompts: Some of the fic prompts could also double for art prompts. Otherwise, I would also enjoy portraits of either character in their uniforms, or sparring (with whatever character you choose), or locked in combat, or exploring an alien landscape, or (if you are brave enough to take on drawing robot lions) out in a spacescape. Otherwise, gratuitous cuddling with cats is always fine.


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